New Arcades, official promo photo

New Arcades

New Arcades are Dean Canty and Adam Sullivan, a duo inspired by nostalgic memories of 80's cinema and vintage synth sounds. 


Taking those feelings and bringing them into a contemporary production setting, New Arcades craft the perfect soundtrack to living in the moment or reminiscing of good times gone by. 


Think of blue skies, urban nightlife and hazy sunrises…


New Arcades have been featured on films such as Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong and A Light Beneath Their Feet as well as having airplay on a variety of radio stations around the world. 

They have played shows throughout the U.K and have also performed a live session for BBC Radio.

2018 saw the release of their new EP 'Nothing Is Lost' which showcased the duo's ever-evolving sound. 

In 2019, New Arcades will be releasing their debut album through Outland Recordings.

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