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The soundtrack of Nostalgia…


New Arcades are a London based music duo consisting of Dean Canty and Adam Sullivan.


Combining elements of 80’s inspired synth pop, they also incorporate modern indie/electronic, synthwave and pop-rock influences into their sound. Current contemporaries and similar artists include M83, The Midnight, The Chain Gang of 1974, ARIZONA and The Naked and Famous.

Their music often draws comparisons to the soundtracks of film and TV shows such as Drive, Blade Runner and Stranger Things as well as the neon aesthetic of their artwork.


Since their formation they have released various singles and EPs and in November 2019 they released their debut album, ‘Returning Home’.


In September of 2021 they released their second album ‘In the Deepest of Dreams’ on New Retro Wave Records and at the beginning of 2022 they put out a limited edition retrospective record, ‘Until Now’ on Timeslave Recordings.


Since their inception, notable singles include; Into The Unknown, Till’ Sunrise (Remix), Carry On, Don’t Stop Dreaming, Inhale., Moods and Yours. All of these have received significant airplay and attention on streaming platforms, radio stations, music blogs and an array of YouTube channels. They have also played live throughout the UK, including a BBC studio session.


Their music has also appeared on films such as ‘Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong’ and ‘A Light Beneath Their Feet’ and they have also contributed an exclusive track for the mobile game ‘RetroDrive’.


As well as releasing on digital, all of their albums have been available on various physical formats such as Vinyl, Cassette, CD and Mini-disc.

In 2023 they contributed the track 'On The Streets' and 'Prime Directive' to the documentary 'Robodoc: The Creation of RoboCop'. 'On The Streets' was used as the opening title theme and end credits for each of the four episodes.

Their third album 'Leave Something Behind' will be released on September 1st 2023.


Previous collaborations include acts such as Goldroom, Timecop 1983, NINA, Futurecop!, Dana Jean Phoenix, Greek Fire plus many more.


They are currently working with a selection of record labels including AWAL, New Retro Wave, Symphonic and Timeslave Recordings.

Publishing is via Sentric Music, Aztec and Palm Bay Music.


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